The Coaching Clinic

The Coaching Clinic is here!

You get access to some of my mentoring sessions that I have run with Air Heads Students around the country. There are some other great lessons and examples to learn from as well.

☆ Getting your first job!

☆ What makes a great breakfast show?

☆ Crafting a killer music show

☆ How to build a Podcast?

These are just some of the topics that I’ll cover off in the premium podcasts each week! If you want to break into the radio industry but you’re not sure where to start? The Air Heads Coaching Clinic could be for you.

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Here is an example of the Premium Content you will get with the Coaching Clinic

Coaching Clinic Bonus Episode


$19.90/ Month
+ Monthly Coaching

– professional coaching
– tips and tricks
– constant updates


$199.90/ Year
+ 2 Months for FREE!!

– professional coaching
– tips and tricks
– constant updates
– BONUS content

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