Radio Spot Light – Josh Arthur (Triple M GV)

Radio Spot Light – Josh Arthur (Triple M GV)

Photo Credit: SCA Anyone that has worked with me in the last 10 years would have heard me say this when it comes to delivering a Solo show, “Don’t be afraid of taking the studio outside the Studio”. What do I mean? Everyone these days has the ability...

I punched Ago – Ian Skippen (Episode 151)

One of the Juggernauts of Radio in Brisbane is Ian Skippen. Famous for his anchor work with the B105 morning Crew Ian shares some really important radio lessons from working in the Country to the Big city Metro gig. Also What happened on the day the Jamie Dunn punched...

Feedback (it’s not personal)

I’ve had a few people recently come to me seeking feedback on their radio craft! This is gold and I encourage people to continue to reach out and seek advice from those industry people that they trust. Here’s the thing though I’ve also had a few...

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