Photo Credit: SCA

Anyone that has worked with me in the last 10 years would have heard me say this when it comes to delivering a Solo show, “Don’t be afraid of taking the studio outside the Studio”. What do I mean?

Everyone these days has the ability to record interactions outside the studio using a device we have glued to us on a daily basis, The humble smart phone.

I remember when our Tie line went down during an Outside Broadcast at the Royal Melbourne show I would record breaks on my phone and send them back to the studio just so we could get something to air. Technology these days allows you to move around freely and gather almost studio quality content for your platforms, this works really well for us in the radio game.

I was driving between markets the other day and I heard Josh from Triple M (Shepparton) building some of the best content I have heard on a Solo show in quite some time. Let’s take a Listen…

Content Creation at it’s finest… I have heard some breakfast shows tackle articles like this and just Rip and Read and hope that the audience finds that interesting. Here’s the thing, you can read an article like that on line any day of the week but unless you choose to proactively do something with it it’s just boring radio.

On this occasion Josh has not only turned this into content in a district full of Dairy Farmers, he also added another voice to what’s otherwise a Solo breakfast show.

If you are learning the craft of radio and you snag that first job as a solo breakfast show there is a big lesson in this for you.

Use all the resources you have at your disposal, take the studio outside the studio. If you do chances are you’ll be on your way to creating some great Content.