I’ve had a few people recently come to me seeking feedback on their radio craft! This is gold and I encourage people to continue to reach out and seek advice from those industry people that they trust.

Here’s the thing though I’ve also had a few people take the feedback personally and see It as an attack on their skill set. I couldn’t stress enough that if you are one of those people “You’re looking at it the wrong way”… Feedback is there to help you grow in areas that you might not otherwise see.

Think about it this way!

Buddy Franklin is a superstar key forward for the Sydney Swans who just notched up over 1000 career goals earlier this year. Do you think he seeks feedback from the coaching staff at the Sydney Swans or does he run his own race? Every day of the week Buddy would be subject to feedback. Some good, some constructive either way the main objective is to make him a better player than he was last year.

There is no way that Buddy would have kicked over 1000 career goals if he didn’t accept the feedback given too him.

So next time you send an aircheck to a Content Director expect the good, the constructive and sometimes the feedback you don’t want to hear. It’s all there to make you a better announcer at the end of the day.

Feedback is your friend 😜