This week on the show it’s a step by step guide in nailing that first job within the radio industry.

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Show Notes:

Step 1 – The next available Monday pick 3 radio stations around the Country that you are keen to work for.

Step 2 – Tuesday send out 3 airchecks seeking feedback from your selected station’s Content Directors. Just send out an email and introduce yourself along with some of your On Air work and be prepared for the feedback that may come back.

Step 3 – Wednesday Check out the industry websites for jobs that might be available in the radio industry.

Find out what’s available in the industry. Have some self awareness – What job suits you based on your qualifications. Eg: Don’t go applying for a job at 2Day FM if you have not been working in radio. You can’t shoot for the stars if you don’t have a rocket – You have to build that first.

Step 4 – Thursday Stop! You need to take a break within the week otherwise you will burn yourself out.

Step 5 – Friday, follow up on the airchecks you sent out at the start of the week. The relationships you build now are going to set you up for success going forward.

Let’s get Creative: Also on this episode we look at some creative ways of how other jocks have made things work for them, from road trips to tailor making your demo you will be exposed to some great creativity to landing that first role.