Mentoring… A few weeks ago I put this up as a pos on the face book page but I wanted to spend some more time working through this with because I feel it’s an important element of your career that you should probly spend some time unlocking…

You have heard me on a number of occasions talk about my mentoring movements before I secured the job as content director at SCA Bendigo.

I think it was around 3 years ago now that station I was working for at the time wanted to move me off the air and into a leadership position. I’ll be honest at the time I wasn’t ready. I mean I was loving being on the air and Leadership to me at the time was just a bunch of spreadsheets and telling people what to do and for a creative like myself – I’d rather stick pins in my eyes.

Since then I’ve clearly learned a little bit more about leadership and I’m quite Enjoying the other side of the microphone but if it wasn’t for my mentor in Adrian Brine former Head of Talent Development at SCA I probably wouldn’t be enjoying it as much as I am.