One of Leroy’s Strengths is working with talent and building their confidence when executing content on the radio.

Whether it be a music shift, or a personality driven show Leroy’s proven leadership has taken announcers with minimal experience to full time employment and given experienced personalities new tactics to work into their shows.

FREE TRIAL  (1 time only)                      1 X 30 mins Air check with Leroy via Phone, Skype, Zoom                                                                       or in Person.


$29/ Month                                              2 X 30 mins Air Checks/ Month 

                                                                   1 X 30 mins Zoom Meeting helping with the direction of                                                                          your career with guidance, contacts and potential                                                                                    employment opportunities within the radio industry. 


$49/ Month                                              2 X 30 mins Air Checks/ Month

                                                                   1 X 60 mins Zoom Meeting/ Month  helping with the                                                                                direction of your career with guidance, contacts and                                                                              potential  employment opportunities within the radio                                                                            industry. 

                                                                    Bonus: A Copy of Air Heads – The Book



Weekend Workshops

Would you like to get your announcers doing more on the air than just Time and Temp or liner Radio? Well Leroy will change the game for your team and inspire them to stretch themselves while they are in the studio.

Selling the the latest station focus promo or the The Station’s Breakfast line-up over 4 hours is fairly taxing on your on air talent! One of the most frequently asked questions while doing an On Air Music Shift is “How am I supposed to talk about the breakfast show 6 different ways”? Leroy will answer this question for you among others as he joins you in person for a weekend Workshop.

$1,500                                                         9 – 4 pm Introduction to Radio (10 person Limit)

Workshop:                                                 How to Prep a Radio Show (Music Shift/ Show)

                                                                     How to structure a Talk Break

                                                                     The most important number in Radio 

                                                                     You will also recieve a cop of Air Heads – The Book



Leroy’s leadership has helped me fine tune my craft. His feedback has given me new and creative ways to execute a break, get callers, interact with the audience and creatively hook. As a solo announcer, he has taught me how to incorporate content into my shift. He has given me confidence and trust in my abilities.

Melissa Tracina – NOVA 100, Melbourne

Leroy Brown is a fantastic mentor. Volunteering for him for the last 4 years with no previous radio experience whatsoever, he has guided me immensely teaching me the all the ropes behind radio broadcasting. He saw so much potential in me and I can’t thank him enough for his continuous support, patience and belief in me to thrive in the radio world. I’m very proud to say that I am now working as a paid radio announcer and panel operator for the largest community radio station in Australia, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without his ongoing leadership.

Azzan Schuster, Light FM Melbourne.

I under took Leroy’s Air Heads radio training course. When I first started I had no confidence but Leroy helped  to bring that confidence out. He also helped me with a minor speech impediment I had. I will always have much respect for Leroy.

Steve Boyd, Former Air Heads Student.