In the first 100 episodes of The Air Heads Pod Cast there was some GOLD advice dished out by a number of guests that joined me on the journey.

Huggy FROM GOLD 104.3

“When people ring you, don’t see it as a chore, Look! every second call is gonna be somebody saying – I think you played this song I just want to know what its called? It’s got the word love in it – every second call is like that, however if you’re nice to them who knows you might get a really good bit of content out of it.”

He couldn’t be any more accurate if he tried. You should look at your callers as a real asset and point of difference to your show. Listeners to the radio station are passionate about the brand and yeah they are gonna call when they hear a song and want to know the name of it but what a great opportunity to record their passion and help sell that song next time it pops up in your music log!

Sometimes you’ll take callers on the air and they will add so much value to your show and they dont even realise they have done it.

Let me give you an example. Last week I was filling in on Triple M breakfast in Bendigo and we took a call from a bloke that was calling through for a contest. I could not have scripted what happen next… 

So many listeners said “I heard the pressure test this morning – It was so funny”. I didn’t have to do anything, the caller added so much value to the segment it had people talking. That’s what you want.

Record all of your calls – you never know what you’ll get!