Make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to get your hands on a Copy of “Air Heads – A guide to great radio”.

Around 7 years ago I started to write down some notes reflecting on my journey in radio and how far I had come since the days of getting up at 5am in my home town of Whyalla, South Australia and volunteering my time 4 days a week to produce and present the breakfast show at 107.7 5 Triple Y FM (Community Radio). Fast Forward 23+ years later and now I am writing about my experiences in the hope that i might make it a little easier for others to navigate their way into the radio industry in Australia.

From getting your first job in radio to thinking about your next talk break as a blank canvas, this book covers it all. Many radio greats have read this book already and but it at the top of the pile as a resource for young announcers wanting to break into the radio industry. Don’t just take my word for it tough.

“If you’re after a hard copy, heavy reading academic text book on radio that’s rich in theory and low on actionable items then you’d better go look elsewhere. What Leroy Brown has captured in his latest release “Airheads The Book” picks up where his Airheads Podcast series leaves off. No long winded sentences designed to baffle the reader in this book , just dig deep beyond and the under coffee cups in the studio and you’ll find Airheads The Book is a well researched and developed box of rock n roll tricks that provides first hand knowledge tips and insights for everyone across all facets of the radio industry. It’s a must read for anyone wanting to update their current radio skill sets or gain first hand knowledge of the art and science of radio before kicking off your radio career. Having been part of the Airheads Podcast Series I thought Leroy had pretty much nailed everything you needed to know about how to engage with one of the millions of Australians that listen to radio every week. I was wrong. Grab a copy of Airheads the Book and you’ll see why”. Dave Rogerson – Macleay College

“In my 3 decades of working inside the radio business I have never seen a book such as this… until now. Leroy breaks down the game in a simple ‘how to guide’ that is a must read for anyone hoping to break into the radio caper. He pulls back the curtain on the mystery of what it takes and shows you not only how to get your foot in the door, but keep it planted there”. Mike Byrne – SCA Network Content Director

“Air Heads – A guide to great Radio” is NOW available through our store.