If you are thinking and dipping your toe in the water of podcasting then there’s a few things you should conconcider.

1. Invest in the right equipment

Probably the single most important thing in your broadcasting/ podcasting career is how you fly out of the gates and the sound surrounding your podcast.

I hear way too many podcasts that have the worst audio quality and within the first 5 mins of episode 1 im already flicking through Google podcasts to find another one. It doesn’t matter how good your content is if your audio falls short of your listeners expectations.

Take the time to research the best options for you when it comes to setting up your Technology. 

The Rolls Royce of Podcasting is the Rodecaster Pro. Since making an investment into this all in one podcasting resource my versatility in podcasting has gone to another level.

The Road Caster Pro is portable, reliable and offers so many features that makes professional podcasting easy. It does come with quite your price tag if your on a budget but if you are looking for a long term investment that is going to set your podcast up for success then look no further than this bundle.

Rode RodeCaster Pro Pack 1 w/ 1x PodMic, 1x PSA1 & 1x XLR Cable (3m)

Price: $1,188 from storedj.com.au

Photo Credit: Store DJ

Not everyone is going to be able dive into the deep end of podcasting and purchase the latest in Technology. If you are on the bare bones of a budget then I’ve done the research for you when it comes to podcasting equipment.

The Behringer PODCASTUDIO 2 USB bundle gives you all the equipment you need in order to make high-quality podcasts. Including a XENYX 302USB mixer, XM8500 Microphone, and HPM1000 Headphones. Software what about the software… yup! This Bundle has everything you need to get started in the podcasting Space!

Price: $229.99 from DJ City

Photo credit: DJ City Ringwood, Melbourne

Either one of these options with get you going in the right direction when it comes to putting together your Technology.

2. Find a Host

You will need to align yourself with a host that is going to suit your podcasting needs. There are some great podcast hosts out there but I think first and foremost you need to work out if you are going to pay for the service or just sign up to one of the free services on offer.

I made the mistake  early in my podcasting career signing up to a FREE provider. While they aren’t too bad early they eventually do hit you up for some coin when your podcast grows in listenership.

See the way most of these big companies are set up is FREE if your Poddy has under 1,000 monthly listens but anything after that you need to start paying for the service. I’d encourage you to research and pay from the start that way you don’t lose momentum later when you have to invest a monthly contribution and you find out there are better hosts suited to your needs.

3. Work out a structure

Structure is everything in a podcast. The misconception that alot of Podcasters have is that everyone loves hearing the sound of their voice and they can talk as as long as they want with minimal structure. 

This is where podcasting borrows alot of great advice from Radio. If you are listening to a breakfast show you’re going to switch stations if you hear two people just babbling on about anything and everything. Most breakfast shows work to a structure and every break is planned to within an inch of its life. Podcasting should be no different. You should know the map of your show before you even open the microphone. My suggestion is to get a white board to be the road map for every episode of your podcast.

4. Source killer Art Work

Art work is so important to the branding of your podcast. One of the best resources you have up your sleeve when it comes to art work is Fiver.

Yes! The goods and services store that offer budget creative solutions to your needs. Make sure you highlight clearly the idea you have floating around in your head and artists and graphic designers abroad will 9 times out of 10 nail your design and give you a product that will make your podcast pop!

5. Have a landing page

Make sure you have a home for not only your podcast but they all of your goods and services.

You would rather tell someone to head to your website than someone else’s right? I’ve heard many podcasters say “You can get my latest podcast from anywhere you get your podcasts from”. That’s just giving your opposition a Free Kick!

If your listeners land on Spotify, google podcasts or iTunes and there is a podcast in your field with better artwork than yours then chances are they might sample that one before yours and hen all of a sudden you’ve lost a listeners. Direct them to your channels are you won’t have that problem.

6. Set up your social strategy

Social media is going to play a key role in your podcast promotion so make sure that you set up a strategy before launching a podcast.

Here are some great tips for setting up your social strategy:

1. Set up a FB group for your podcast fans. Groups tend to work a little better than Fan Pages as Facebook algorithms don’t help your people see Fan Pages unless Facebook see some sort of financial return.

2. Set up an instagram page for your podcast. Use the stories feature in instaram to create some noise for your brand.

3. Work out how often you are going to post (what times work?) Eg: 9am, 1pm and 7pm?

4. Be consistent with you posting. Just make sure that every posting look different to the last. 9am might be an inspirational quote, 1pm might be a Headliner to promote your podcast and then 7pm might be sharing a news article you’ve written for your website.

5. Jump ito other like minded groups BUT don’t just spam people with advertising about your podcast. Build the relationship and your audience will grow as your ability becomes clear through conversation.

Well hopefully this article will help put you on the right track leading to a successful Podcasting career.

Rember: All you need is one listener to make an impact