Recently on the Air Heads Podcast Annabelle Brett from Hit 105.5 – Coffs Coast talked about how important it is to get involved with the community you’re broadcasting too.

Everywhere Annabelle has gone in radio she has joined the local SES to give back to her local community. It’s a great way to get involved with local events that surround your broadcasting landscape but it’s also a fantastic way to building relationships with your listenership.

Some other great ways of getting involved with your local community are:

✓ AFL Umpire (local level) There are a few possibilities with this one. If you’re super fit and know the rules you can become a field umpire if you can handle the occasional loud mouth chanting obscenities from the other side of the fence. Boundary umpires still require a certain level of fitness but if you’re looking for something less strenuous then the position of a goal umpire may suit you a little better.

✓ Get involved with a local sporting club. You could coach a junior or senior team if you’re up for the challenge, become the team manager or If you’re a player it always makes good radio fodder and you will find story arcs write themselves.

✓ Join the local CFA or SES – They are always on the hunt for volunteers. You don’t actually need to be a fire fighter. There are a number of less active jobs that you can sign up for which include cleaning or administrative duties.

✓ Homeless and Welfare groups like The Salvos and St Vincent De Paul are always looking for volunteers to help on the front line. Soup Kitchens and homeless shelters are a great place to donate some of your time or finance but also while forcing you to open your eyes a little to the reality that exists in your local community.

✓ You can volunteer at the local hospital in a number of ways from nursing assistants to some administrative work.

✓ If the market that you are broadcasting from hosts a Zoo and you are an animal lover then they always have fantastic volunteering programs.

✓ Speaking of animals a local Animal shelter in your area would be very keen to hear from you as they are always is desperate need to extra hands on deck to assist with the care of injured or abandoned animals.

✓ Nursing homes are also another fantastic place to put to hand up to help those that require a little assistance.

✓ St John Ambulance volunteers are a fantastic addition to your local community. Not only will you learn some fantastic skills when it comes to first aid but you will also be posted to a number of local events to assist.

As you can see there are a variety of things that you can do to get yourself involved with your local community. Country, Provincial or Metropolitan – it doesn’t matter which market that you are navigating, your need for community involvement doesn’t change!

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