On the show this week I chat with Melanie Westbrook from the Dream Chasers Podcast on how to put together a great interview.

Finding Someone to interview – Where do I start looking?

Social Media! It’s the gift that keeps on giving. You would be surprised as to how many interviews I have sourced through social media. Everyone has an account, you just have to find the right one and ask the question.

What about the guests that are hard to track down?

Pending the stature of your guest chance’s are if they have not responded they have seen your first few requests. If you get a flat “no” directly from the talent then distance yourself and leave them alone. Look for opportunities later down the track to maybe ask again but respect their decision.

If the no comes from their promoter or management then I would keep trying avenues. There is always a back door you can sneak into when tracking down interviews.

Do you send questions to your guest?

No! There is a good reason why that’s a flat No! You want your interview to sound un-rehearsed and if you send your guest the questions then chances are they will rehearse their answers.

As long as you can convince your guests your not going to make them look like a fool then you’ll be fine. Send them an outline of the interview and give them a general idea of what the interview will be about but I wouldnt be sending the questions out.