As I navigate my way through the first couple of years of being a Content Director I’m reminded constantly of the number #1 rule I used to lean into as a breakfast announcer.

RULE: You’ll execute your own ideas better than someone else’s.

I remember working in a breakfast team a number of years ago where we were told of a Grand Final promotion that was set in stone. We got off the air at 9am and sitting infront of us as we got back to our desks was a 12 page document walking us through how the Grand Final promotion/ Story Arc would roll out. The launching phoner, the client had already been promised the world and they had even hired an actress to play a leading role in the whole concept.

As a breakfast team you would think that we would be brought into the conversation to help build what was set to be a P1 breakfast/ station promotion. Our creative licence had been taken away from us and we were to be expected to get on board an idea that was born in someone else’s head not our own.

As a Content Director if you have ideas for the breakfast show that you are leading then by all means run it past the team but if it doesn’t stick to the wall and they don’t buy in then you have to be big enough as a leader to let it go.

Your talent has to create the Content and it’s your job as a CD to direct it.

You’ll execute your own ideas better than someone else’s

Leroy Brown

Remember thats it’s not you that is carrying out the execution of the promo or Arc so let your talent drive their passions, not yours. Your team will no doubt look to you for a little collaboration and that’s where you can Lead, coach and motivate your team through their own ideas.