I hear a lot of radio these days as a lot of radio stations are wrapping up for another year which is great because everyone needs a break right?

The one thing I feel I have to shine the light on at the moment is the amount of regional breakfast shows that are phoning it in at the moment. I know that 2020 has been a massive year but it’s not time to take your foot off the gas!

I was listening to a show the other day and I heard the flagship breakfast show replaying a chat they had earlier in the year with an athlete. The break went for about 7 mins and it had no relevance to the audience that was listening at the time as the content of the interview was 6 months old. They were talking about a car race that had happened in the early part of the season. Who cares? The On Air team that’s who – No one else!

Don’t let Christmas Holidays fool you as a breakfast show. Just because it feels like people are winding down for another big year it doesn’t mean that you have too.

People are still in their cars in the mornings getting ready for Christmas Shopping, there are some that are working right through Christmas so things don’t change for them and then there are people that are visiting your region perhaps for the first time. You are the key to a successful holiday break for them. What’s happening around the region? Where can they go to for Carols on Christmas Eve, Where are the Santa Photos available this year? and what’s Christmas Traffic look like for some markets?

Remember if you Breakfast show is still active as you get to the tail end of the year then you owe it to your listeners to be there for them. Until you’re not!