Much like me you work in radio so chances are you have an ego! If your sitting there saying you don’t then one of two things are at play here. One you’re lying to yourself or two you’re in denial.

To work in radio you must have a little bit of ego, Heads up! that’s a healthy thing. You have to have a little “head wobble” about you to swim in these waters but not too much or you’ll end up drowning in those waves your trying to navigate.

I guess what I’m saying is Don’t get ahead of yourself.

I was talking to a young announcer the other day who has been in the radio game for around 18 months and I was a little shocked with their attitude. We were talking about further education in this industry like AFTRS or even Air Heads to a point. This particular announcer seemed to think they needed no input from either source because they have it all together! In just 18 months this person knew all there was to know about the radio industry – Quick learner! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I’ve been in the radio industry for a solid 25 years and there is not a podcast I record where I don’t learn something new from each guest.

You never stop learning in this game and the moment you think you do – you probably need to get out.

Its ok to have a little ego don’t get me wrong it’s often where you draw your confidence from to do a job like this, but too much ego will not let you retain brand new information almost putting you on a shelf above the rest of those around you. That’s in your own head anyway.

Too much EGO can:

  • Lose you friends pretty quickly.
  • Lower you into a false sense of security.
  • Narrow your focus. It becomes about YOU and it shows “On Air”.
  • Lose the inclusiveness of your show.

To have a successful show or stay at a radio station you need to be a little self aware and if your own ego is going to drag you down then you need to make some adjustments.