Flying hours are crucial to your development in radio and sometimes they come when you least expect it.

I was talking to a radio student earlier today and he was getting frustrated because talk breaks were taking so many attempts to pre-record or voice track. He was a perfectionist and wanted to make sure every single break he did was Elite!

Credit too him if every announcer these days took that much care in putting together a show then Content Directors would have very little to do.

The hard work you put into your craft when you are in the early stages of your career then better you are gonna become later. If you are gonna to take 15 takes to nail the perfect radio break then as a Content Director that’s music to my ears. This tells me 2 things, 1 you care about your performance and you want to be better and 2 you are developing and growing after every attempt.

Cut yourself some slack because you are not on your own – we have all walked that path at some point in our career. There is nothing worse than sitting in the studio recording the same break over and over again thinking “I can’t do this! This is not for me! No one takes this long to record a break!” You are developing so you should embrace your time in the studio as its those precious moments you can use to go from strength to strength.

Enjoy your fliying hours!