Where is a good Place to Start when it comes to contacting CDs around the Country?

Reach out! If you are not sure on the email address of a Content Director then ring the radio station and ask for the details. 9 times out of the 10 they will be happy enough to hand over the email details of the local CD in that market.

Keep an eye on all of the Radio Industry websites like radio info and radio today. There are a number of jobs posted weekly on those websites. Even if you don’t successfully land a job off the back of an application keep your contact up with the Content Director of the radio station. Ask for feedback! Apply that feedback to your On Air shift and then a few months later down he track send them another mp3 of your work and ask for more feedback. The relationships you built now that is going to pay dividends for you later in your career.

How do you do about contacting them and getting their attention.

It’s all about reaching out. Sure you are not going to get the response you want sometimes as they are busy people but you really need to keep trying. The key to this is NOT to GIVE UP! If you don’t receive the feedback you want in the first 2 weeks then send another email. You want to show that you are persistent and that you will stop at nothing to get your foot in the door.

Nothing impresses more more as a Content Director to receive and air check from an announcer that is very keen to get behind the microphone. How do I know they are keen? They send me something every few months pointing out what said last time and how they have responded too it.

How do you navigate the different feedback that you’re given that it’s all different?

I’d do what feels right! If you are getting feedback saying that you don’t suit the radio station that you have received the feedback from then that’s ok! There will be a radio station that you will suit – You really don’t have to changed too much. If the feedback is more specific like – Work on your word economy or be more conversational then that s the feedback that I would be applying.

How important is networking and getting your name around the Radio industry?

So Important. I’ve said it time and time again on the Air Heads Podcast. You must get yourself in front of the right people otherwise they are not going to know that you exist. I know what you are thinking “They don’t wanna hear from someone like me”… Yes! They do! As much as you want a job in the radio industry CD’s from around the Country want to fill roles with good content Creators so off course they want to hear from you.