This week on the show we talk about being authentic and real. One of the main things that is going to bring you undone on the radio if you try and be someone that you are not! Stick to what you know and don’t move away from the brand that you have created for yourself.

We also talk “Vocal Exercises” – How important are they? If it’s going to prepare you for your show in then by all means you can lean of Vocal Exercises as a bit of a resource but If you are using them in an effort to try get to a place where you are performing at another level then you have to ask yourself the question are you being authentic in your delivery?

Also on the show this week we cover what makes a good talk break break.

Music – Less is more. Jamie Angel is well known for his 12 second break. That’s intro, thought and hook all in 12 seconds. He really is the master when it comes to music announcing.

Personality – If you are being authentic and real then you are half way there. Watch the length of the breaks too. If you are just starting a breakfast show in a regional market you must earn the right to talk to your audience.