In this edition of the coaching clinic we explore how being a Music Jock is this day and age of radio is more than just “That was, this is”…

Music Jocks these days are a very important piece of the fabric that is the radio station. I’ll step you through how basic maintenance, your thought in the break and even the hook can be vital in keeping your audience listening longer.

We have explored how every good break during a music show needs a beginning, middle and an end. Which part of your break though is going to be your feature piece?

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The Beginning: Maybe it’s a killer piece of audio off the back of a Bruce Springsteen song? Bruce talking about how the E Street Band came together. Your beginning can really help you set up a killer break.

The Middle is your thought: How are you creatively selling the Teddy Bears Picnic coming up this weekend on your local area… Remember I said… CREATIVELY!

The End is The Hook: Are you playing a guessing game with your listener? Coming up in the next 10 mins the artist that through their instruments off the Golden Gate Bridge after their final gig! Who’s that we’ll find out soon.

* Remember you don’t have to get creative with every piece of your break but make sure that you are exercising your creative license in at least one of those areas.