What is the best way to be looking for work?

The State of play in the job hunting market is getting better for radio (No thanks to COVID 19) Now is the best time to attack the inboxes of CD’s everywhere. As more jobs appear on the industry websites CDs will have you top of mind when an opportunity presents itself if you are on the hustle now. Make sure that you keep an eye on these websites for the current radio job market.



Out of the Ashes of Covid-19 has risen the Music Jocks! Day time shifts are now very sought after in the radio industry as most breakfast shows around the country have leaned on networking.

If you can land a role as a music announcer it’s certainly something that might service you well later down the track. There are not too many breakfast announcers that can pull a music shift or visa versa so why not take the opportunity to learn.

With the lack of talent development – what makes a great show going forward and how does radio find that?

It’s a great question and to be honest I think radio has to change it’s a approach to talent development. We need to start looking at teams that have already gotten the chemistry. What podcasts already exist? Are you making them? If not, Why not?