Don’t be so hard on yourself…

If you were given the responsibility to air check another show or talent from around the country you would tell them how bad they are and that it’s the worst radio that you have ever heard! You would crush their dreams of going further with their career not to mention the belief they have in themselves. So why would you talk to your self that way in a self air check?

Compile a Radio Play Book

Look for the great things you do on the air and celebrate them. Take notes and remember those moments you have had a win with as you never know when you are going to re-stripe the audio for future use.

Start to build a Radio Play Book! There is no reason you can’t use and old idea and change it up for a new market that you might be playing in.

Christian O’Connell from the Gold 104 Breakfast show has had some massive success of late with the segment called “Who’s calling Christian”. It’s where he tasks listeners with the role of at he shows producer and they have to find interviews for the show. The bigger the celebrity the better chance of winning!

If you do manage to pull in the the biggest Celebrity you win $10,000 and the winning celebrity also get’s $10,000 donated to a charity of their choice. It’s a great concept but it’s been done before! Christian used to run this segment in the UK on London radio under a different name called Bounty hunter

Edit, Edit and post Edit.

This might sound weird but once a break has gone to air it’s great to put it through the editing process again. Take out words that don’t need to be there, edit your response to a caller. It’s not going to change a thing on the air because the listener has already heard the original but it’s going to give you an idea going forward of what you should be looking for in the editing process.