This week on the show I catch up with Katrina who wants to dive into Story Arcing and the best way to put together engaging content in the form a reoccurring Arc.

Is Story Arcing just for breakfast and Drive or could I do it for a weekend breakfast show?

Because you have a weekly show I think building an story arc could be a lot easer than a daily installment . It’s less content for a start! As long as you have a road map on what your are trying to achieve and how you plan to achieve it then it should come together for you in the end.

Here is an Example:

Week 1: Tell the story you had a servo pie on the way to work this morning for breakfast launching into into a phoner – If you could make the put together a breakfast pie what would it look like?

Week 2: Hosts of the show try during the week to put together the breakfast pie on their own. Taste test on family and friends during the week. Result: EPIC FAIL!

Week 3: Can you find a Bakery to officially agree to make the Breakfast pie. Announce the Client integration at the end of the show.

Week 4: Get an update on where the Bakery is at with production of the pie. Maybe a Taste test by the hosts of the show.

Week 5: Unveil The Breakfast Pie is available from the bakery. Pies for sale from the Bakery.

Here is a check list on what to think about putting together a Story Arc.

  • What’s the reason behind the Arc?
  • What’s the goal or Pay off at the end of the Arc?
  • Can we achieve the goal first before launching the Arc (Work Backwards)
  • Can you integrate a Client to help with building the Arc?
  • How are you including your listeners into your Arc?

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