This week on the show we follow up on Interviewing techniques with Melanie from the Dream Chasers Podcast.

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Show Notes:

How do you keep a balence between conversational flow and time restaints?

Don’t be too protective of the questions you have prepared for the interview. If you don’t get all of your questions away it’s not the end of the world, infact it’s actually the sign of a good interview. Don’t be affraid to go with your guest into unchartered waters.

If you can write 10 questions down before your interview begins and only ask two of them because your guest has taken you to a place that was unexpected then you r interview in no longer and interview. It’s a Conversation! That’s what you want.

Filler Words! How do you get rid of filler words?

I hate to break it too you but… You can’t… You will always have them. Doesn’t matter how long you have been doing interviews for you’ll often lean on crutch words to get you through to the next question. Asking questions in conversation seems foreign so naturally you are going to seek normal transition which are words that you use in everyday life to go from one topic to another.