This week.on the Podcast i catch up with Riley-Rose Harper from the Hit Network- Producer of the Victorian Super Show.

Riley talks about getting into radio through the Promotions department and how it set her up for success as an announcer.

“Starting in promo you know exactly where the motives come from. So you know why sales are pushing back on something and you also know why content might also pushback on some things. You can kind of wrap your head around it and try and get to that happy medium for both of them at the end of the day hopefully everyone’s happy. That’s the goal.

I thought that starting in promotions I would be transparent and  said, “Look, I don’t wanna be in promo forever. I do wanna be on air”, but I probably didn’t think it was gonna happen as fast as it did.

I remember I’d been there for about six months and everyone was so good, they gave me the live crosses, the things that we’re gonna actually strengthen my skills rather than, giving me other tasks to do. I felt, really comfortable with doing live crosses, then a few months later they actually gave me the 5 a.m. hour to voice track before our breakfast show.

I tell you what, it was like the best day of my life when I got the email from Phil Bradley saying that they were going to do that. I remember the first shift that I did it? I would set my alarm for 5 to 5, and I put the radio on a laid in bed and listen to my brakes. I got a real kick out of it.

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