One of the best skills that you can learn while growing your radio career is walking the floor. See your job just doesn’t stop when your show finishes, that should actually just indicate the beginning of your day.

Here’s your challenge should you choose to accept it:

Once a month as soon as you finish on the air get out of the studio and walk the floor. The sales team in the radio station would be pleased to see you venture out of the studio and socialize with them. I know what you’re thinking that challenge is easy… Well there’s more… I want you to ask this question.

What can I do today to help you in your role?

Maybe they might want a little grab of audio from your show this morning to try and get a sale over the line or the answer might be nothing and that’s ok but at least you have shown that you care about the relationship between content and Sales. You’ll be surprised what this does for the working relationship going forward.