I know what you’re thinking… How can you possibly construct a Top 10 list as there have been so many great shows over the journey?

Well, you hear about commentators best 22 or team of the Century and that got me thinking about who I would rank as the best of the best when it came to breakfast radio in this country. Yup! It’s a brave article to publish but I’m happy and confident in who’s made my list and I’d been keen to see what yours looks like?

10. The Matt and Jo show (Fox FM)

A show that made it’s debut in Melbourne in 2003 and ran for 10 years wrapping up in 2013. There aren’t too many shows that get thrown together and stand the test of time but Matt Tilley and Jo Stanley not only had a connection with each other but also with the City of Melbourne. Troy Ellis was the anchor of the show and you throw in the Fabulous Adam Richard it was the perfect mix of personality and Content.

The Matt and Jo show. Photo Credit: Southern Cross Austereo

9. The D Generation (EON FM)

The D-Generation Breakfast Show aired on EON FM  Melbourne for six years (1986 – 1992), anchored by Kevin Hillier. The show also had a television sibling with the ABC sketch comedy show of the same name.

The D Generation was the pioneer of sketch Comedy on the radio and paved the way for for this style of radio to be successful in future.

8. Jonesy and Amanda (WSFM)

Easily one of the best and most successful radio shows to date for the Sydney audience. Much like Matt and Jo did for Melbourne Jonesy and Amanda have this amazing connection point with the Sydney Market. Jonsey and Amanda are never too scared to shy aware from raw and authentic content which sets them apart from their competitors.

Jonsey and Amanda – Photo Credit: ARN

7. The Morning Zoo (SAFM Adelaide)

John Vincent, Grant Cameron and Anne Fullwood from the Newsroom were the Benchmark when it came to ensemble radio.

The first Radio station to trial this kind of radio was Adelaide’s SAFM, later assisting in the success of Fox FM in Melbourne and Brisbane’s B105 morning Crew featuring Jamie Dunn..

6. Doug Malray (Triple M, Sydney)

Doug Mulray is vintage Triple M royalty and an icon of the radio industry.

During the best part of the 80s and ’90s, Mulray hosted his own infamous breakfast show on Triple M Sydney waking up the harbour City, a show which made it’s mark taking Triple M to #1 status.

Doug Mulray – Photo Credit: Radio Today and Southern Cross Austereo

5. Gibson and Duckworth. (Dave Gibson and Rob Duckworth)

The slickest show never to win Brisbane radio ratings.

Comprising of then, the best solo jock in Australia Rob Duckworth and the uber talented Dave Gibson who was doing all the funny voices on Australia’s Funniest home videos at the time.

The show was hilarious, full of characters, including everyone’s favourite Nana and The Gobble dock ( yes the famous Chip mascot from the 90’s the Dave voiced for the TV). The show was irreverent and never took itself seriously, a breath of fresh Brissy air

4. The Kyle and Jackie O Show (2Day FM and KISS)

What – Kyle and Jackie O are at 4? How’s that even possible? I can already read the comments on the Facebook page now. “They have been number #1 in Sydney for years”, ” highest payed radio team in Australia must be number #1″…

Remember this is a list of my top 10 breakfast shows. Don’t get me wrong Kyle and Jack are a great show and work hard to provide Sydney with content that other radio shows can only dream of producing on a daily basis. They are Sydney’s number #1 breakfast show for a reason but don’t top my list.

3. The Cage (Triple M)

There aren’t not too many shows that I can think of with a rotating cast that work so well together with each member being located in different States.

The Cage (Tim Smith, Peter Berner, Brigitte Duclos, Matt Parkinson, James Brayshaw and Mike Fitzpatrick) was an experimental breakfast show which worked really well across every radio landscape.

Story telling was the centrepiece of this show and to hold down a number of different markets with a network show was a risky move at the time which seemed to pay-off in most markets for the Triple M network.

2. The Christian O’Connell Show (Gold 104)

When Christian arrived on Australian soil no one wanted a bar of a Pom on the radio let alone alone a show with his name on it.

Reality is… He was always going to work here because he’s relatable, quick, witty, inclusive and knows the craft of radio inside out. He’s been doing what Australian radio has been doing for years – he just does it a whole lot better or atleast it sounds that way. He was a breath of fresh air coming into the Melbourne Market.

Christian’s ability to craft his breaks and bring his supporting team along for the ride is top shelf.

Christian O’Connell – Photo Credit: ARN

1. Jamie Dunn and The B105 morning Crew (B105)

What a show!

Jamie Dunn and The B105 Morning Crew

This was the first crew on Brisbane Radio complete with all the bells and whistles. They had big budgets, did massive competitions and had a fleet of 7 Black Thunders at their disposal covering the whole city.

The B105 morning Crew changed radio in Brisbane forever with Gotcha Calls, Beat the Bomb an Agro to the rescue. Every other breaky show in Brisbane from 1990 based themselves in some way off this iconic show.

Donna Lynch, Jamie Dunn and Ian Skippen – The B105 morning crew. Photo Credit Adam Head & Courier Mail