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It can be hard when you’re starting your on air career to craft your own style and sound. So what is the best way to get better at your craft?

Listen and learn from others who are already at the top of their game. There’s a reason some jocks make it all the way to a Cap City station, it’s because they are very good at what they do. They have honed their craft, done the flying hours, made mistakes and now carry out their shifts effortlessly on the daily.

We’ve highlighted a few Cap City Jocks who are kicking on air goals daily. From unbelievable creativity, to rapid fire prep, to dream callers who make any break sing. But these things don’t just happen, they take time, practice and dedicated commitment to getting better.

So if your new at the on air game or want to get noticed, here are 5 Cap City Jocks who are doing it day in , day out and sounding great. Listen and Learn, copy, imitate and craft your own sound from what’s working for others who’ve been in the game for a while.

Sean Craig Murphy SA FM Adelaide– he’s been sounding great since the 90’s. A fresh sound and very creative in every break. You can’t get more Adelaide than SCM and it shows. Always friendly and a joy to listen to.

Gavin Miller GOLD FM Melbourne– What a shame to see Gavin is hanging up his headphones at the end of his career. Gavin is a solo drive jock in Australia’s 2nd biggest market who constantly wins his time slot. Mainly because he not only reflects his city but lets the music be the star of the show. He gives the people what they want.

Liam Renton 97.3FM Brisbane– Liam was formerly 97.3’s Breakfast Executive Producer who was recalled to an on air role after excelling in a few key areas. He preps every single break, there’s no throw away bits but it’s his ability to connect to every single listener and caller and his nonstop creativity that helps him deliver every time

Tim Lee 1019 The Fox Melbourne– Tim is one of the best in the busy, delivering a high energy shift day after day, with so much crammed into every break you can’t turn off, from callers to homemade intros, it’s Tim’s hard work that pays off.

Chris “Buzz” Bezzina- Nova 1069 Brisbane– Formerly the voice of reason with Carry and Tommy, Buzz gives off a great local vibe. Always plenty of callers, and just so casual in his delivery.