Well it’s no secret we have seen the radio industry smashed to within an inch of it’s life off the back of COVID-19. First with Nova Entertainment’s announcement of job losses over a 5 week period and then SCA following suit with 18 regional breakfast shows wiped from the landscape of radio in one foul swoop.

I keep hearing that this kind of exodus also puts an end to the development of radio talent. I couldn’t disagree any more if I tried, I think now is the time for talent to embrace what radio has to offer.

The humble music jock has been neglected over the last few years with a heavy focus on building regional breakfast shows. As the regional breakfast landscape shrinks across Australia, music jocks will rise from the ashes due to the ACMA requirements of needing someone local in each regional market.

Music announcing is one of my favourite disciplines in radio as you get to test your creativity in 15-30 incriments asapose to 2-3 and a half mins. There is nothing like getting a caller on the air to help you sell music, get nostalgic or play a contest. With regional radio across the Country changing tact the opportunity has never been greater for the humble music jock to spread their wings and fly.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not for a moment saying that it’s going to be easy. As the new breed of Music Jocks surface there are going to be expectations.

  • No rip and read radio
  • No shopping lists
  • You must be passionate about the music
  • You must be on brand
  • Creativity is Key
  • Colaberation is Key
  • Do it differently

Over the years we have seen radio manifest into many different life forms and this is just another adjustment that we need to get used too.

Embrace the years of the music jock and learn the skill of engaging & compelling 15-30 second talk breaks.