December 3

Hosts a number of special days on the Calendar

International Spirit of the Game Day

What a Fantastic opportunity to to engage your local community. There is one thing that people share right around the globe and that’s the love of sport! It doesn’t matter the demographic of your radio station – you’re audience is going to be involved in some kind of sport. From dads taking thier boys to play Football on a Sunday morning to mums taking their daughters to Cheer leading and dance competitions.

Throughout the breakfast show get your listeners to nominate someone they know who is plays their sport in such a way that could be deemed “Within the Spirit of the game”. It’s a great way to recognize local talent and is a great local concept. You could even break it down with age groups. Kids, Adults and Seniors.

Let’s Hug Day

It’s time for an Old fashion HUG OFF!!! Challenge your breakfast show to get as many hugs as they possibly can throughout the day. Whoever has the most amount of hugs on the counter by the time the guys come back on air the next day wins the Hug Off!!!