I am having 2-3 conversations over any given week about people wanting to get into the radio industry which is great because it shows that the industry is alive and well and still a very attractive choice for those looking to start a career.

Pack your Bags

During most of those conversations I will 9 times out 10 say “Go and get some experience in the Country as it’s a great way to learn the craft”. It’s at that point in the conversation that the job hunter loses interest and says “Oh! i’m not in a position to move away from the City”.

Sure! You could go and get some volunteer flying hours at a community radio station and hope to get picked up that way but to be honest it’s rare and highly unlikely. Has it been done before? Yes but those individuals have worked with commercial Content Directors along the journey and have been in the right place at the right time.

If you’re really serious about a career in radio you must be prepared to move and learn at a grass roots level. There are so many aspects to radio you will learn in the country and that experience will go along way into developing your skill set for a long career.

I must be honest, some of the best times in my career have been at regional radio stations and If you play the game correctly you might find yourself falling in love with the community (and it’s hard to leave). The friendships that you build along the way is a big part of what shapes your Career and sets you up for success. Copywriting, Producing, Announcing, Production, Form guiding, Music directing and taking out the bins are all skills that were learnt early in my career so when I was ready to take that next step I was ready to pivot into any area required.

I know as you read this you are probably thinking… “Well there goes that idea”… No! There goes the easy way out which was never going to work.

As a regional Group CD if I don’t see airchecks coming into my inbox in the next few weeks then I know you’ve given up on your dream after reading this because you were putting everything on a start up Metro gig. If your name appears in my inbox then I know that radio is your game and you’ve made the first step to get in.