One of the most important tools to use regularly when you are on the air is the one that God has given you! A Heart!

Find out what you a passionate about and turn it into Content.

A number of years ago when I was doing breakfast radio in Geelong, I decided that Homelessness and Mental Health were the two social issues that I would attach myself too and really lean into when I was on the air in Geelong.

If you have read my book you would have read about the campaigns that I did in that city to really made a difference.

Homelessness – doing something about it was essentially me living on the street as a homeless person for 5 days to feel firsthand what it was like to live on Geelong Streets. I lasted 2 days. Being Cold and Lonely were the least of my problems.

Did I come face to face with a local Drug Lord who wanted to beat me to within an inch of my life? yes!

Was a stupid enough to purchase a Prison Guards Jacket from the Salvos for $2 and wear it around people that had just been released? Yup!

If you want to hear more stories from that little venture you actually need to read the book – it’s quite ya eye opener.

Blanket Geelong was a solid Promo. Every year we would find a local landmark to cover in donated blankets and then give them to the Salvation army. The year I left I had my heart set on blanketing Symmonds stadium – the cats home ground… Never got too it… If you ever got to work in Geelong – Have a go for me and tell them I sent you…

I think you’re starting to get the picture about what I mean by your show having a heart,=. The little piece of audio I’m about to play for you comes out of Gippsland’s Triple M, Anna my breakfast announcer in Gippsland recent found a local stoiry that really touch her heart and she approached me as the content director to ask if she could do something with it…

Let me set it up for you… Skyla is terminally Ill with Cancer and doesn’t have much more time to spend with her family So anna got everyone on board in Gippsland and tried to create some memories for her and her family… Let’s have a listen to the audio – it’s a great result!