Today on the show I want to talk to you about the Content Structure!

This is so important when it comes to putting together a breakfast show or even if you are on air across the day!

I’ve heard so many announcers talking about the stations number 1 tactic and they put so much effort into their break and then it happens… they fire off a promo that’s talking about exactly the same thing! Oh there’s nothing worse! It pays to have a look at what’s going on around you – not just the little bits of content you are filling the show with.

When it comes to hosting a breakfast show though you want to make sure that you are setting up your show for success.

I remember working with a show once and when I arrived the show was back to back interviews, the announcer would go from one to another it was like listening to the ABC and even they are not that bad!

You need to make sure that there’s variety within your show. If there’s an interview at 7:10 make sure that the break after that its either a phoner with some listener involvement or a standalone piece.