Photo Credit: Southern Cross Austereo

Radio Spot Light is a brand new article that will be published on the Air Heads web page fortnightly to celebrate the great radio talent that we have in our regional markets.

This week I was listening across a few markets and came across Hit 101.3 on the Central Coast. It was just after 9am and Nic Kelly made his presence felt when he opened up the microphone with a lesson in Localism, Sense of day, caller interaction and a Creative Hooking all in 45 seconds. Have a listen for yourself.

Soccer 5’s at Tuggerah gets a mention off the top which was a great start but the fun began when Nic’s caller named the cafe she worked at (Kafich Cafe in West Gosford). Nic then took localism to a whole new level by painting an audio picture in the listeners head taking them right to the location by dropping the Office Works reference. It’s so important these days in a regional market to be local where you can and Nick’s lesson here is the benchmark of what should be expected in your market.

Just when you thought Nic’s shift couldn’t get any better, his very next next break backed up his first with The Central Coast knowing without doubt that HIT is very much apart of the Gosford Community.

He hooked first to a 90’s song that featured in a movie listeners may have seen Greater Union when that existed on the Central Coast (that by the way takes research) and then backed it up by building a local break around some Ed Sheeran audio where he talks about working out. Brilliant!

Nic’s work sounds effortless but trust me he’s worked really hard on bringing in local content to his mornings shift at Hit 101.3

Take a Bow Nic Kelly, The Radio Spot Light is on you this week!