EP38: An Introduction to Podcasting

This week on the Podcast I answer some questions I often receive about starting your own Podcast. Before you sit down behind a microphone you have to take into consideration a number of different things that is going to set yourself us for Podcasting Success....

Episode 37: The Little Back Book

From the moment you start your radio career you need to make sure that you are equipping yourself correctly. The Little Black book is the essential in building a data base of content creators you can turn too who will assist your show in times when you need a little...

Ep36: The Flight Risk

The key to a successful radio career is not to be in a hurry. The moment you start putting short stays on your Resume is the moment you earn the name Flight Risk which is not something that you want when trying to shape a career in commercial radio.

Ep35: Mentoring

Mentoring… A few weeks ago I put this up as a pos on the face book page but I wanted to spend some more time working through this with because I feel it’s an important element of your career that you should probly spend some time unlocking… You have heard me on a...

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