I was recently in a mentoring session and a question popped up that tends to surface all the time in the context of air checks or training sessions. “How can I sound different each time I open the Microphone”?

I love this because it shows that you care about what you are doing and you don’t want to sound the same day in, day out!

The trick that I found works the best is to write down what you are opening with each time, this way you will have a variation on how you are launching into your breaks.

Important: Remember you need to get away the station’s branding early in the break

Here is a few examples:

“94.3 Air Heads Radio”

“(Artist) on 94.3 Air Heads Radio…”

“airheadsradio.com.au that’s where you can see a video of (Artist) in her recent tour of Melbourne…”

“Air heads Radio the home of (Insert name of Breakfast show here)…”

 “G’day it’s Jo Blogs on Air Heads Radio and…”

“You’re listening to Air Heads Radio…”

“Friday arvo on Air Heads Radio…”

 “(Insert Breakfast show here) on 94.3 Air Heads Radio – back tomorrow morning from 6”…

“17* right now in Melbourne – you’re listening to Air Heads Radio”

There are 9 different variations of intros you could potentially use for your breaks.

I have found that if you write them down you will be disciplined and use them however if you freestyle into breaks you have a higher chance on saying the same thing over and over again.