EP49: You’ve got mail

This week on the show we address a few letters that have recently come into the inbox. The first comes from a Breakfast announcer or Team that feels that they are required to fill in too many content breaks during their breakfast show. This can be a HUGE Problem when...

EP47: Content Structure

Today on the show I want to talk to you about the Content Structure! This is so important when it comes to putting together a breakfast show or even if you are on air across the day! I’ve heard so many announcers talking about the stations number 1 tactic and they put...

Ep43: 4 Simple Rules to Branding

Branding is making sure you know what you look like and then sending a consistent message throughout your tribe. In this Podcast we unlock 4 Simple Rules when it comes to branding on either your Podcast or Radio show

Ep42: Impostor Syndrome

Impostor syndrome. It’s a very real thing that people suffer from on the daily. You know even 25 years in radio and there are times that I suffer from impostor syndrome. When I kick started Air Heads a little over 2 years ago I remember thinking to myself: who is...

EP41: Working Live (Craig)

Recently in our Live QnA Craig was telling us about pre-recording taking so much time out of his day and how he desires to get a little quicker when it comes to pre-recording On-Air. We talked about the importance of working live and pre-recording that was too.

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