Once you get handed your music log for your pending shift that should be the moment your real work begins. It’s not just about back announcing and forward announcing what great music you have lined up. The music is the foundation of your shift and then it’s up to you to add the color between those songs. Every radio station around the Country plays similar music and if people really want to hear their favorite song they can quite easily these days with Spotify and you tube. What they can’t get though is the intimacy and personality that radio delivers.

Record every call that comes in via the phone as you never know what you are going to get! I once received a phone call from a young lady that had called the wrong radio station and was excited to think she was about to win $2,000! We were giving away tickets at the time to the Royal Melbourne show and when I mentioned that to her she still wanted the cash! We had a little bit of fun with her and in the end she was stoked with a family pass to the show however the deal was she couldn’t go looking for the radio station that was giving away the cash – She had to promise she was going to continue to listen to us. If I wasn’t recording the call from the start I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to turn that call into content.

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Your Phone (Voice Recorder) is one of the best resources you have for your job. Get used to looking for content everywhere. I was in the Kitchen at the home the other day and one of the kids started singing that new song for Kygo and Whitney Housten – Higher Love (The old Steve Winwood number), it wasn’t the most “in tune” arrangement of the song I have ever heard but that’s why I recorded it! I have not used the audio yet but when I do It will be something like… “Coming up in the next 10 mins the latest for Kygo that my kids are obsessed with at the minute [Insert audio here] It’ll sound better than that – I guarantee it!

Leroy Brown