There is no actions more important to you career than adding Value to someone’s world. Could be your co-host, could be your Content Director, The cleaner or could be a work colleague that has been having a hard time of it of late.

The moment you start adding value to those around you is the moment your career shifts to another level.

The turning point for me was when I started walking along side a young announcer who wanted to make it to a Capital City radio station. This particular announcer wasn’t getting a lot of love from the CD at the the time so I offered to meet with them once a week and give them some feedback and direction. This went on for around 18 months until Nova 100 in Melbourne came knocking.

Now this lucrative job offer had bugger all to do with me but in me offering to work with this announcer and add value to their world it helped in growing their confidence and taking their career to the next level.

You’re challenge this week is to ask yourself this question: How can I add value to someone’s life this week?

Here are a few things to think about –

  1. The Power of words – You have the ability with your words to either lift someone up on tear them down in one small sentence. By saying the words “You’re s@#t at your job” is not going to win you any friends. Instead try something like… “Hey! I have noticed you’re a little under the pump this week – is there something I can help with?”

2. Gifts is another great way to add value to someone’s world – just be a little careful with this one. FOr example to don’t want to go buying flowers for a married women in the office that might get you into more trouble than it’s worth. Maybe it’s finding out what someone likes for lunch and make it your shout for the day.

3. Recognize the work of your peers! This one is really easy. When you hear a bit of radio that is remarkable then make sure you give the person credit. Maybe the afternoon announcer did an extra hour on the air because someone was sick or the mornings guy went above and beyond to nail down an interview. Recognize the hard work of your peers it will go along way this week to adding value to someone’s world .