On this Pod Cast today I chat with Melanie and we break down the need for back announcing .

When is it needed? When you have just played a brand new song that no one has ever heard. You need to give the song context as to why you have just played it on the radio.

You might get a caller on the radio with you that has just heard that song for the first time and you could ask their opinion and then proceed to tell you audience about the new track. Either way you need to give context to songs that your audience have never heard before.

When not to do it? When you have just played a song that everyone knows. Everyone has heard AC/DC – You shook me all night long so you’re forgiven if you don’t tell me the name of that song. There is also no need to presesnt a laundry list of songs you have just played. One of radio biggest gift is it’s instantaneous so no one cares about a song you played 5 mins ago, chances are they were not listening.

We also take a deep dive into the Structure of a talk break. Every Talk break on the radio or even segment on a podcast should have a beginning, middle and end.

Structure of a talk break in radio:

Beginning – The beginning is the mechanics of the talk break Eg: “your listening to air heads radio, G’day it’s Leroy today, nice day for Adelaide today top of 25* no rain around…”

The Middle – is the thought in the break (The meat in the sandwich) if you like Eg: “You wanna be hoping for much of the same on the weekend the Christmas Pageant makes it’s way through our city streets – 9 from Rundel Mall – Kate you’ll be taking the kids? (Insert caller in here)

The End – Is the most important part. This is the vital thread that is going to keep your listeners onboard with you for the next 15 mins. What can you tell me about the artist you have coming up that is going to make me hang around? Eg: “Don’t go too far got the song that was recorded for a KFC commercial originally – apparently the cornual hated it and it was released as a single in stead.”