I remember working with James “Turbo” Anderson while I was at Triple M in Melbourne. Every day when he went into the studio it was an absolute Master Class he would put on.

James left the air waves a few years ago now but rest assured he’s left his mark. When the voting went out for the Air Heads Podcast Top 50 Solo Jocks of all time, James “Turbo” Anderson’s name was one of the first names I received and I wasn’t surprised. James came in at No# 47 on the Countdown but I wouldn’t mind betting he would have placed a lot higher if he was still in the game.

When I received the Aircheck (2mins) I had the dilemma of decidiing which 30 seconds I would use. Upon finally settling on the said audio 1:30 still ended up on the cutting room floor.

I couldn’t let that happen so I thought I’d take this opportunity to share with you another James “Turbo” Anderson masterclass!

Make sure you listen out for the second half of the countdown this Friday morning. The Top 50 Solo Jocks – Past and Present.