If there is one thing that I’ve learned from my 25 years in the radio industry it’s that versatility is one of your greatest weapons in your fight to keep your career alive.

Breakfast announcer, Days announcer, Assistant Content Director, Drive Announcer, Content Director, Show Producer Assistant, Assistant Music Director and Creative writer are all jobs that occupy pages in my resume. Why?

If you are part of a football team your worth comes in spades with the versatility you carry. If you are just a goal kicker then the rest of the team can’t look to you to fill defensive gaps if your low on numbers, or if you don’t have a tank (running power) you’re not going to be thrown into the middle to relieve the on ballers if they are dead on their feet. Radio exactly the same – if you can’t anchor a breakfast show you’re not going to be the walk up start of the position becomes available.

I talk to too many radio students around the country who are solely focussed on show radio (Breakfast or drive). In the last 6 months that pond has gotten considerably smaller and the chance of your landing a role in a breakfast team has decreased. It’s about setting your self up for success and to develop skills in other areas is going to do exactly that. Some of the best music jocks go on to make great show anchors (Byron Cooke & Tim Blackwell) or Content Directors (Rod Maldon, Jamie Angel & Craig Bruce).

Think outside the box when it comes to your radio career and don’t box yourself into areas that may never happen for you.