You to reach out

You would be shocked to know that I have had 3 airchecks sent to my inbox in the last 3 Months seeking feed back… 3 in 3 months! Either there’s a massive shortage of talent radio people out there (and I know that’s not the case) or there is something holding you back from reaching out and seeking feedback.

Do you feel that you are putting together some great radio at the moment? Great! There’s not a CD around the country that wouldn’t want to hear from you. Reach out and start building that relationship.

You to be persistent

Just reaching out once to a Content Director for feedback is not going to cut it. Sure! They are going to hear your stuff but they are not going to sitting at their desk a month from now scratching their head wondering when they are going to hear from you next. The key is consistency… You have to be proactive and show them you are serious about radio and working at their station.

Set yourself a monthly schedule on who you are sending your work too and follow it up. The more you are prominent in the right inboxes the better your chances are at progressing in your radio career.

You to show you know what local means

Localism is one of the most important tools you have in your kitbag so make sure that when you are sending out for feedback you include localism on your Airchecks.

Callers, Local personalities, suburbs, land marks, community events, names of shop owners in your town, locals roads,  roadworks and known streets should be those no brainers that are littered throughout your work.

It’s not all about making your breaks about what’s happening locally its more those subtle references that you can drop throughout those breaks to bring your content back to your town or region.

You to be busy on other platforms

As you now radio is more than just what’s happening between the speakers and if you can showcase that when networking with Content Directors then you have a better chance in gaining future employment.

What else can you do?

Audio production, digital content creation, script writing, voice over work, podcast creation, show producing, article writing or video editing are just some of the skills that are sought-after when it comes to securing future talent.

You to show you know how to interact…

A Content Director is going to want to know that you can bring your audience into the show and make them apart of the experience. After all the product you are putting out is all for them so why not make them apart of the furniture.

Aim for 2 callers per hour as a KPI going forward then you’ll never fall short on interaction.

I’m sure there are plenty of other ways you get people’s attention in the radio game but these 5 keys are a great start to getting infront of the right people that can help shape your career.