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There are a lot of Campaigns to warn you against starting a Podcast because let’s face it every man and there dog has one.

I listen to a lot of podcasts on a weekly basis and it’s probably fair to say there are podcasts doing the rounds at the moment that should have maybe done a little more research before diving in. Poor audio quality, terrible content the list goes on of elements that ruin the experience of listening to a Podcast.

I’m guessing the reason you are reading this article is because you want to make a career out of broadcasting and you have not quite landed that first role yet? or maybe you have but due to the COVID show stopper last year you have found yourself out of the industry just temporarily.

So my question to you is… Why have you not investigated what it takes to start a Pod cast yet? If you are in the situation where broadcasting is your thing then you are wasting valuable hours by not practicing and getting the flying hours that you need behind a microphone. The beauty about podcasting is you have full control! You like what you have produced? then release it see if others enjoy your content. NO! It’s not radio but the theory is the same – you produce content and you listeners are either drawn into it or not. If you are not keen on what you have put together then the good news is you can re-shape it until you are happy with it!

Next to signing up to a local Community Radio station in your area and getting ON AIR, starting a podcast is the single best way to get your flying hour up. You get to create the content that you want to create and much like radio you can seek feedback from the people you respect in the industry.

If you haven’t already – have a look at podcasting to scratch that creative itch and build some confidence behind the microphone you never know who is listening or where it could take you.

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