Alot of people suffer from imposter syndrome whether your building an on line course, pulling your first radio shift or creating a podcast, that little voice creeps inside your head telling you that “no one is going to listen to you” or “you haven’t been in your profession long enough to concider yourself an expert”. That voice couldn’t be any more off the mark if it tried.

I remember attending a Radio School in Adelaide that was the brain child of Steve Hart (Now channel 10 Crime Reporter) he had been in the radio game for a little while but was certainly not a stalwart at that stage. Infact I urge you to listen to Steve’s Episode of the Air Heads podcast if you get the chance as he admits on the poddy that he copped some grief back then from certain players in the game claiming he hadn’t been in radio long enough to open up a radio school.

Amy Porter from the Online Marketing made Easy Podcast talks regularly about the 10% rule. The 10% rule is you must know at least 10% more than your students because then you actually have something to teach. I remember Steve taught me something similar back in the day and his answer to his critics were – If you know just that little bit more than the your students then people will pay you to know what you know. Teaching even 5% of what someone doesn’t know puts you in a commanding position.

If you have decided that radio is your profession of choice then you need to own that and start acting like you belong in that space. The moment you sit behind a microphone and open your mouth you are a broadcaster/Radio announcer. You’re not a hack, not a wanna be, not try hard… You are You and you’ve earned you spot behind that microphone.

No you’re not going to be “The Best” from the outset, no one is but you have made a choice that broadcasting is your game so grab a hold of those opportunities, learn and grow into the broadcaster that you wanted to be from the outset.